Hey Arnold!

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Hello fellow football heads!
This is a blog exclusively dedicated to the wonderful show that is Hey Arnold! I'll also try and keep you guys updated on what's going on with the Jungle Movie.


by Mylastfantasy

(via lady-shortman)

(via lady-shortman)


lol my wrist will hate me for this, but I DID IT. I MADE A TJM POSTRRR 8D
Not perfect but I was done with it LOL
Hope you like!

As my favorite cartoon of all time we fans deserve to know what happened! ARNOLD DESERVES THE ANSWER TO HIS PARENTS’ DISAPPEARANCE. HELGA DESERVES HER ARNOLD KISS DANGIT. ITS NOT FAIR >:U
I’ll fight till the day I die for it cause it’s AWESUM
So if you want to help but don’t really want to get into the fandom or group, you can easily contribute by asking for TJM and more Hey Arnold by writing a NICE letter too nick! 
I’ll give you the address!

Cyma Zarghami 
1515 Broadway
New York,NY 10036

Hey Arnold! belongs to Craig and Nickeldeon!


Hey love Hey Arnold? Love Olga? Well here’s a colored pic of a old fan drawing by MarcoBnPinto of said character trying to be sneaky in her socks.. Colors by yours truly of course. Enjoy!


An unfinished Arnold x Helga picture. It’s going to be a little comic.

Hey Arnold! (c) Craig Bartlett

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Throwback Thursday!

I can’t believe I drew this three years ago already!! I found out there was supposed to be a second Hey! Arnold movie completing the show. Arnold was supposed to find his parents and I guess he and Helga were supposed to get together. Anywho, drew this out of fan girl sadness.

Art by Melanie Albertson

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As a child I loved the houses (besides cars). I always called attention to the houses where they lived my favorite cartoons (when I was a kid I wanted to be an architect) and I loved drawing these houses as much similar as possible to the saw on tv.

Today I have almost 24 years and returned to the same point. I want to start this personal mini-project illustrating the houses of the cartoons I saw as a kid (almost all belonging to Nickelodeon).

And this is the first house of this project where I go back to the past.

(vía Dribbble - 1. Arnold’s House by Gustavo Zambelli)


Something I decided to leave out. Maybe I’ll redraw this someday.

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Credit for the original sketches go to criminy and can be found HERE.  It was just… impossible for me to not finish them up.  I’m the world’s biggest sucker for these two dopes.

Oh….oh my gosh I didn’t see these. THESE ARE SO CUTE AHHHHH. I love these two so much, she made my sketches look so beautiful.

Please follow my gurlfriend,she’s an amazing artist!!!!!!!


Helga/Arnold Reaper High love yoooo.

Lol this is my version of Reaper High Helga. Only because I can’t really see her with short hair due to how much she wants to be her own person and doesn’t want to seem like her older sister. 

Nah just kidding. I just didn’t realize Roxy already had a design made for Helga. I knew she made a design for Arnold, but I didn’t realize she made one for Helga too. LOL. That was just my way of making up a story HAHA.

But I am quite fond of Helga having snakebites. I don’t know why.

Anyway, I still love her official look in Reaper High. You could find her more official look in RiddleMeRoxy’s tumblr profile [[search “Hey Arnold” Wink wink! ]]

Arnold and Helga (c) Hey Arnold

Reaper High idea by RiddleMeRoxy