Hey Arnold!

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Hello fellow football heads!
This is a blog exclusively dedicated to the wonderful show that is Hey Arnold! I'll also try and keep you guys updated on what's going on with the Jungle Movie.

"A white man is promoted: He does good work, he deserved it.
A white woman is promoted: Whose dick did she suck?
A man of color is promoted: Oh, great, I guess we have to “fill quotas” now.
A woman of color is promoted: j/k. That never happens."

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imagine your OTP just sleeping in the same bed.

no kissing, no sex, no words.

Just the sound of their relaxed breaths and just the slight touch of their hands, feeling so warm and safe sleeping next to the one they love..

Imagine that.

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if you leave nice tags on my art let me tell you…… you are a precious piece of work and make me smile soso much !!!!!!!

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"What was it like to lose him? It was like hearing every goodbye ever said to me—said all at once."

Lang Leav, (Lullabies)

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"Don’t promise when you’re happy,
Don’t reply when you’re angry and
Don’t decide when you’re sad."

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a rough for something bigger perhaps? idk! 

she left out the photobombing dinosaurs, but this is still pretty <3



Gerald: Hey Arnold!

A little fan art of one of my favorites series when I was a child, and still is!


"Move it, football head!" I’ve always wanted to draw the kids of Nickelodeon/Craig Bartlett’s "Hey Arnold!" in my own style, so here I’ve finally gotten around to it.


dumping a shitty lila doodle here


Old vs New

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