Hey Arnold!

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Hello fellow football heads!
This is a blog exclusively dedicated to the wonderful show that is Hey Arnold! I'll also try and keep you guys updated on what's going on with the Jungle Movie.


I’m Wainting For You by mery1984


Homework, man. 


I finished him 3 or 4 days ago, but I couldn’t figure out what to do with his mouth so I tried something similar to embroidering. It turned out pretty good! I don’t know if I have the nerve or incredible patience to make another one haha. It was crrrrrazy!

I’m so back into Hey Arnold it’s too much fun not to make stuff like this! Even though some things like this took days to finish! haha

This is Grandpa Phil from Hey Arnold!

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I Saw Your Face and WOW! - Ronnie Matthews

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Hey Arnold! sketches. I just love this show. And i want to draw them more, because in the near future i want to make a comic with them.


Woot, more of these two. I know tumblrites like Arnold/Helga more than anything else but liking other ships doesn’t bite ya know.


TBT! again~ ahahhaha

Fanart from Hey Arnold




I have this poem memorized by heart. X3

I do too.

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Is it too late to say happy birthday?


Happy Birthday Helga by DragonPalu

Happy birthday to Helga & Francesca Marie Smith!

Hey Arnold (c) Craig Bartlett